Carmel SEO is Getting Back to the Basics

Would you agree that sometimes we just make our lives too complicated?  When something is complicated it can be a sign that that there are hard-workers with above-average standards behind it; but it can also lead to too many unnecessary distractions, and that is something we are keen to avoid.  Which is why those of us at Carmel SEO have decided to get back to the basics!


What does it mean to get back to the basics?

We’re glad you asked.  And we’ve got one word for you: backlinks.  Of course they’re important, but at Carmel SEO we’ve begun to see that they can sometimes become more of a crutch.

Hold on a minute, you may find yourself protesting.  A search engine will recognize the number of backlinks a website has and rank it accordingly!  So, obviously, the more backlinks you have the higher your ranking would be.

We agree, but we also think that a surplus of backlinks just clutters a campaign and detracts from the content that is actually relevant.  Trying to incorporate so many backlinks into a website is like trying to shove references into a research paper.  You have to find references that actually contribute to the topic or your grade is going to suffer.  The professor is not going to be impressed with, “So-and-so says that the grass is green.”  Everybody knows that the grass is green.  This kind of quote just weighs down the paper and inadvertently detracts from the validity of any of the other sources.  You want your professor to take your paper seriously so that you can get a good grade, so that you can keep going to college, so that you can you’re your degree, so that you can get a good job.  The same thing goes for your website.  If you want someone to take your website seriously, then provide appropriate backlinks.

Carmel SEO believes that getting back to the basics opens doors for special marketing strategies and true talent to shine through.  Trying to find gaps in the system winds up wasting valuable time and negating crucial business relationships.  Anyone can pump a campaign full of backlinks and try to avoid the inevitable penalties at the same time.  We believe that laying a solid foundation will yield good results, and backlinks will wind up being a pleasant part of that.  Better yet, they will be sincere and useful, which Carmel SEO finds to be very important qualities.

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